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I completed the LSS Greenbelt training at EDS. I investigated resource use for fileshares across the EMEA-region. I managed to achieve a saving of $200.000 on fileshare storage using the LSS methodology. During this process I had access to internal costdata and investigated the highest costfactors resulting in outgoing dollars. The additional savings totaled to $300.000, bringing the total of savings to $500.000 per year. Half a million saved by just looking at expenses on a higher level and acting on the exceptions. It demonstrated that costs must be managed at the right level where the amounts make the right impact! 

I investigate your processes, scope of work and resource allocation to identify where savings can be made. I use Lean Six Sigma as methodology. I analyse the processes, identify the waste and develop an plan of approach. This can be excuted by the client or by me. I determine the right metrics to measure the progress and secure a baseline for the future.

It is key to make sustainable savings and it is my responsibility to ensure this is implemented.

Example Case

I found that the monthly internal charge for Network Disk Space for my region (4 servicelines) is quite excessive and is growing: apparently there is no visible management of these costs. I used LSS Methodology to investigate:

  1. What is the exact definition of the service?
  2. How is the usage measured and charged?
  3. Who is the beneficiary?
  4. How is it managed?

Without going into all detail, I found:

  1. It's a fully managed service including backups on tape which are sent to an external secure location (daily)
  2. 4-8 Measurements are taken per month and the average is charged
  3. The service is provided by a different region which collects the benefits of this wasted Disk Space
  4. It was actually not managed on costcenter level because the amounts were small. But on the whole region the total was almost $450.000 per year

So I stepped into action:

  1. I measured the average charge per serviceline against the starting month and reported monthly to the leaders
  2. I contacted the users with the biggest allocation (the wasters) and found users are unaware of their TCO. I found a user who's charge was higher then his salary!
  3. I had the regional leader issue a memo about this kind of waste which authorised my actions

After 4 months the charge had dropped to by 43% to under $200.000. Whilst having all charging data I identified some other waste:

  1. Licenses to an almost unused Incident ticketing system. I had over 200 unused licenses closed
  2. Unused fileshares (monthly charge did not change) and had these removed or allocated to the correct owner
  3. Call-forwarding from landline to mobile which turned every incoming office call in an outgoing mobile call