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I am a specialist in Cross Border payments. I have obtained this experience in many ways in various roles: Business Analyst, Implementor, Project Manager and Process Consultant

For me, Payments is about authentication, adherance to the standards, intelligent use of payment infrastructures like SWIFT, liquidity and risk management and excellent reporting. Overall process prediction and process control are paramount in keeping track of your money and that of your customers.

I share my experience and insights with you. I investigate the efficiency, risks and compliance in your Payment and Collections workflow and systems. I use an Auditors approach to investigate the processes with special attention on exception handling, retention of references and end-to-end process control.

I have vast experience in Account Reconciliation: Loro/Nostro, Clearing and Sundry Accounts. Financial Institutions are running considerable risks: liquidity risk, settlement risk and fraud. The mentioned accountsneed to be watched carefully and reconciling all movements is key in this. I investigate the efficiency of the reconciliation process and will determine which improvements need to be made to your systems and procedures.